Google AdMob is basically the company's equivalent to AdSense, but for mobile apps. Somewhat ironically, the mobile-focused service didn't have an app to call its own. Now Google's finally delivering AdMob app for Android devices, though it’s currently in beta, and the early access seats on the Play Store are full.

The AdMob app adopts a modern Material-inspired interface like most Google apps currently embrace. Its tabbed top bar helps you glance at estimated earnings for different intervals going up to four weeks. You’ve also got the option to gauge overall impressions, per-app metrics, and location-based incoming traffic. Graphical representation of these trends is also featured under the relevant tabs.

It looks like the app currently has limited functionality, and you’ll have to switch to the web interface for the full-fledged AdMob control panel. But it’s still a nice tool to get a quick performance overview when you’re away from your desk.

The AdMob listing is already live on the Play Store, though you won’t be able to download it just yet as the official beta program isn’t accepting any new participants. You can either wait for the entries to open up or pull the APK from APK Mirror for instant access.

Google AdMob
Google AdMob
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free