You need storage? We've got storage. Well, we don't, but Amazon does, and we're telling you about it. In today's one-day sale, a bunch of PNY memory products are on sale, including a big honkin' 512-gig card for $68, $17 less than it usually is. There are also deals on smaller cards, as well as flash drives, RAM, and other such things.

The half-terabyte card is probably the star here, but there are other noteworthy deals, too, including a 20-pack (yes, a twenty-pack) of 16-gig cards for $39.99, which shakes out to a measly two dollars per card. The full list of deals follows:

SD cards

Flash drives

SSDs and RAM

This sale runs through the rest of the day, which is about 14 more hours as of publishing. Hit any of the above links to go to the corresponding items, or the one below for an overview of the entire sale.