Verizon subscribers hoping to pick up a Pixel 4a have quite a deal today. You can pick up the phone for just $10 a month. After those 24 months, that works out to just $240 and $110 less than the outright $350 price — though Verizon's somehow convinced itself that the phone costs $380 retail.

In case you're a deal-loving critter that only just now crawled out from under a rock at the words "Pixel 4a," you can take a gander at our full review. In short, the Pixel 4a is a pretty great phone with the usual amazing Pixel camera, a great price, and good battery life. Its few issues can be hand-waved away as trivialities given the $350 price tag — and further dismissed with the $110 off you'll see with this deal.

No idea where Verizon is getting this "$379.99 retail price" from, though. This phone costs $350.

There are a few caveats worth considering, though. First, Verizon has one of those ridiculous "activation fees" it foists on its customers to nickel-and-dime them to death, and that runs $20-40 depending on how you pick up the phone. This promotion also requires that you add a new line. Also note that Verizon Pixels are almost always bootloader-locked, carrier-locked for 60 days, and sometimes the versions sold by carriers have other hardware differences — though Verizon seems to be advertising the same compatible frequencies and features like eSIM that the unlocked version has. (Double-check the spec sheet or call Verizon if you want to be sure.) Full terms and conditions for the promotion are available at Verizon's site.

Interested Verizon-subscribed parties can pick up the Pixel 4a at this discounted price through either Verizon or Google's storefront, whichever you prefer.