TikTok’s US ban, combined with similar restrictions in India, is seriously affecting the service's ability to reach markets with hundreds of millions of users. As we hear about players like Microsoft or even Oracle showing interest in taking charge of the US side of things, TikTok itself has been gearing up for a fight. Following reports that TikTok was planning to challenge the executive order, the company has now announced its suit against the Trump administration.

News of the suit first surfaced earlier this month. At the time, TikTok maintained that all the allegations are speculative and refuted any claim of its linkage with the Chinese government. The White House did not comment on rumors of the impending suit.

The executive order in question basically gives TikTok’s parent ByteDance 45 days’ time, after which any transaction with the company will be blocked, and any violations will attract hefty fines. When last we checked, Trump was in favor of an American company acquiring TikTok’s local business. Microsoft recently seemed to be at the forefront of these acquisition negotiations, which also must end within a similar 45-day timeframe.

In announcing the suit, TikTok returns to the same sort of cry for innocence we saw when it first responded to the order. It doubles down on its commitment to privacy, and outlines administrative and technical measures that supposedly separate US TikTok operation from Chinese influence. TikTok claims that the Administration's actions are unconstitutional violations of due process and were taken in bad faith.

TikTok suit

Updated with TikTok's response.

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