We've been anticipating Samsung's foldable follow-up for months now. The company officially announced the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G at its Unpacked event on August 5th, and earlier this week TENNA published photos of the foldable phone when it passed certification in China. Now we've got a video that shows off all angles of the upcoming device thanks to a post on TikTok.

The video features the Galaxy Z Fold2 in its Mystic Black colorway. Though only 15 seconds long, it gives us a look at the lock screen, dialer app, and how the camera app utilizes both sides of the screen when capturing pictures and videos. There's also a brief glance at a settings page which reveals that users will be able to choose between setting the display at 60Hz or 120Hz for maximum smoothness.


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The leak seems to originate from China. It could've come from a factory worker or perhaps the Chinese telecom regulator itself. Regardless of who leaked the video, it's still a welcome look at one of the most interesting new phones primed to hit the market this year. The Fold2 will launch with One UI 2.5, which will finally allow users to navigate using Android 10's gestures with custom launchers. Pre-orders begin next month on September 1st, but we may see a few more leaks before then — hopefully with better background music than this video.

Flex mode hands-on video

A new hands-on video showing the upcoming Z Fold2 has been posted by YouTube channel Jimmy is Promo, showing off some of the Flex Mode features for things like the camera app and Gallery, plus a look at some optional Flex-related settings that affect other apps like Messages.

There's also an older video worth noting from the same channel that some of our readers may not have seen, which details more of the phone's physical design, plus a measurement of the extra chonk it's got over the OG Fold — 57g, to be precise.