Samsung very recently unveiled its second flagship line for 2020 — the Galaxy Note20 — with a host of exclusive features as part of One UI 2.5. That exclusivity isn't lasting too long, however, and the company has already started porting a few of those features to its older phones. As of today, Samsung has started rolling out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S20 trio, with more devices expected to join soon.

Just like with the Note20, S20 owners will also have enhanced Pro Video mode in the native camera app that supports cinematic 8K videos in a widescreen 21:9 aspect ratio. You can also pick the phone’s mic focus for improved directional audio input and even use the Galaxy Buds’ mic as the source. Wireless Samsung DeX for pairing with compatible smart TVs is making a debut on the Galaxy S20 line along with the option to use your phone as a multi-touch trackpad.

Left: New camera additions, Center: Wireless Samsung DeX, Right: Audio Bookmarks in Samsung Notes.

One UI 2.5 also adds a way to share Wi-Fi credentials with nearby Galaxy devices quickly. The improved Samsung Notes app gets the neat Audio Bookmark feature that syncs your notes with corresponding audio recording to help you easily skim through them later on. The app also brings a host of other features involving handwritten notes that seem better suited for the S Pen-clad Note phones.

We recently confirmed that One UI 2.5 finally adds support for gesture navigation in third-party launchers on the Note20. There seems no reason why the S20 won’t get similar treatment, but we’ll have to test this update out just to be sure. Samsung hasn’t detailed its rollout plan, except for saying that it’s starting today, August 21. If its previous record is anything to go by, the One UI 2.5 build will land first on European Galaxy S20 units before reaching the US and elsewhere.

Rollout begins in United States

One UI 2.5 is now widely rolling out to Galaxy S20 phones in the United States. T-Mobile has posted changelogs for the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, and the update is also going out to carrier-unlocked models.

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Galaxy S10 Lite

SamMobile reports that One UI 2.5 is rolling out to the Galaxy S10 Lite, at least in Europe. We also received a confirmation from a reader in Portugal, and according to SamMobile, the update is lacking some of the features found on other devices. Most of the camera improvements (granular resolution controls, mic selection, and so on) are not present.

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