Google's Pixel 4a was supposed to be formally available yesterday, but some folks that pre-ordered phones from Best Buy with the initial expectation of picking them up on launch day were out of luck. Reports from tipsters indicate Best Buy is pushing out the in-store pick-up dates for some Pixel 4a pre-orders.

Most reports we've seen from our tipsters and other venues indicate the pick-up date has been moved to early next week — August 24th for many. We don't have enough information to know if the delay is regional, or if it's more widespread. Support representatives contacted by our tipsters on both sides point fingers at the other company.

If you pre-ordered your Pixel 4a through Best Buy and you had an expected pick-up date this week, you might want to double-check the status of your order and see if it's changed.

  • Thanks:
  • Marhsall Hurtado,
  • Frank Altrichter