Listening to wireless earbuds is an excellent way to stay energized while out on a run, but what happens when your buds get a little too hot to handle? And I'm not talking about a beat that's fire — users of multiple Samsung earbuds, including Galaxy Buds and the new Galaxy Buds Live, report that using the buds in warmer conditions renders them annoyingly useless in a matter of mere minutes.

The trouble starts when the earbuds are exposed to direct sunlight. After just a few minutes, the buds start beeping continuously, and won't stop until they're removed from the sun's rays and cool down. Users say this tends to happen when outside temperatures are in the 90° to 100°F range, which is pretty much every day during the summer in some regions.

I've never encountered reports of earbuds that overheat this quickly or this often. It'd be one thing if customers knew why this was going on. But there's no clear warning telling wearers that the product is overheating; the earbuds will just keep on beeping incessantly until they cool off. This can render them effectively useless for people who live in warmer climates.

We liked the Galaxy Buds Live, but if summers get hot where you live and you're someone who takes walks, goes jogging, or just spends time waiting at the bus stop, you may want to think twice about Samsung's earbuds. There's plenty of other buds in the galaxy, and you can see some of our favorites here.

We've reached out to Samsung for comment and will update this post if we get more information to share.

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