OnePlus doesn't often discount its current-gen smartphones, but it's offering a pretty interesting deal on the OnePlus 8 series at the moment. $150 in accessory credit can be yours, free of charge, if you buy a OnePlus 8 Pro (or $100 if you buy a 12GB RAM-equipped OP8). Plus, get an extra 8% off the phone if you're a student with a .edu email address.

We received a promotional email from OnePlus stating that students could get 8% off a OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro, plus a free pair of OnePlus Buds ($79 value). But upon further investigation, it seems that's not entirely accurate.

The actual deal here is $150 in accessory credit for the OnePlus 8 Pro or $100 credit for the 12GB RAM OP8 available to everyone, plus an extra 8% off the phone for students. Note that the OnePlus Buds can count towards that accessory credit if you so desire.

OP8 Pro + $150 accessory credit + 8% student discount

As mentioned previously, everyone is eligible for the $100-150 accessory credit, but only students with an eligible .edu email address can get the extra 8% discount (which works out to about $80 for the OP8 Pro and $64 for the OP8). Students can claim their vouchers for that here. If you aren't a student, you can use our referral code, which will net you an additional $10 off accessories.

We don't know how long this deal will last, but if you were planning on picking up an OP8 or OP8 Pro along with some accessories, it's hard to beat these discounts — especially if you're a student.