Need to fill your ears? Don't need a bunch of wires ruining your vibes? True wireless earbuds are here and they have staying power. And you can get a good pair for way less than you think: the Master & Dynamic MW07 is pretty much half off of recent pricing today at Woot.

The MW07 come from 2018 and come stocked with 10mm beryllium drivers, acetate housing, and a stainless steel charging case. Yep, they earned every cent of their $300 price tag at the time — manufacturers were still working on fitting in active noise canceling at the time — but they also rightly earned a good reputation here at Android Police with our review.

These days, Amazon is selling the MW07 for $160. Master & Dynamic, though, recently took them down to just $89. But Woot has swung in with a deal of the day — until 10 p.m. PDT, you can grab a pair in the Tortoise Shell color for just $80.

At a time when everyone's skimping pennies on the luxuries (and the essentials), $9 might not sound like much of a difference (and indeed, you get six more colors from M&D direct), but the option is being presented to you right now. You can definitely take it. And if you buy up to the maximum of three, that's $27 off!

Okay, math lesson (and persuasion tactics) over.