Google Translate is already pretty magical, but its utility for some folks is about to explode. Google has just announced that you'll be able to save real-time transcripts for later use.

The feature was announced on Google's Twitter account, together with support for Italian (which actually rolled out all the way back in May). While the new language support isn't new, the ability to save transcripts is.

The feature doesn't seem to be live for us just yet, but Google's announcement shows what it should look like, with a new star appearing at the top right on transcripts that you can tap to save.

We don't know what the workflow is like past that, or what your options for saving it might be (like if it is integrated with Drive or Keep, the format it takes, or whether there's a full intents menu for sharing content to other apps), but we do know there will be some sort of in-app browser for saved transcripts, with search and sort functions, and the ability to name (and probably rename) them as well.

No star to save in the latest version we've got, though.

Many of these changes resemble the interface in Google's Live Transcribe app, which also lets you save transcriptions for up to three days, search within them, and copy text from them. So far, we don't see this new feature live on any of our devices, nor is there a new version of the app that we've spotted — though it could be a server-side change. If you're impatient to see how this might work, you can pull that app down and take a look. In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for the new feature.