Google made some changes to how Digital Wellbeing's "bedtime mode" works back in April, renaming it from Wind Down and adding a "while charging at bedtime" setting. But the company is not done tweaking things, as we've spotted a few new changes, like the option to turn off the always-on display in bedtime mode, and some tweaks to the "while charging at bedtime" notification.

New "keep the screen dark" setting. 

Spotted by one of our tipsters, there's a new "keep the screen dark" setting in bedtime mode (Settings -> Digital Wellbeing -> Bedtime mode -> Customize) that overrides your always-on display settings. Enable it, and that feature is disabled while bedtime mode is running. Although the ambient display on most phones is pretty dim, this can further reduce nighttime distractions for the sensitive.

The notification for bedtime mode with the "while charging at bedtime" setting enabled may have also been slightly tweaked over recent weeks to make the setting's behavior more clear, specifically explaining that unplugging the phone will disable bedtime mode. I should note, that unplugging behavior itself is not new, and we tested that all the way back in April when the feature first rolled out (though we don't believe the notification was the same).

These changes are a little less drastic than the last wave of bedtime mode tweaks, but we'll keep an eye out for anything new. While the notification change (if it is new) seems to have rolled out widely, the always-on display setting appears to be in more limited testing — probably tied to either a Play Services or Digital Wellbeing update.

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  • Eduardo Ribeiro