Android Auto has traditionally required connecting your phone to a car with a USB cable, but a wireless mode was introduced in 2018 for some Pixel phones. Samsung devices were later added to the compatibility list, and starting with Android 11, every Android phone that supports 5GHz Wi-Fi should be capable of running wireless Android Auto.

A Google support document has been updated to mention that wireless Android Auto works with "any smartphone with Android 11.0 and 5GHz Wi-Fi." That's a significant step up from the handful of phones currently compatible, though tying the feature to an OS update means it could take a while for most devices to get wireless Android Auto. You also need a car or entertainment head unit that supports wireless mode, though most newer models do work with the feature.

There's one additional catch: Google says phones in the European Union must comply with additional regulatory requirements that some OEMs may choose to skip. At least the wired option will still be available for every single Android phone.