Amazon's Fire tablets rarely receive major OS updates, mostly because they are sold as simple media consumption devices, and Netflix or TikTok doesn't need Android 10 to function. However, the company has now surpassed everyone's low expectations by delivering Android 9 Pie to two of its older tablets.

Amazon has now released Fire OS 7 for two of its older tablets, the Fire HD 8 2018 (8th Gen) and Fire 7 2019 (9th Gen). That's the same operating system that ships on the company's newest Fire HD 8 and 10, which uses Android 9 Pie as a base instead of Android 7.1 Nougat. That means you get Picture-in-Picture support for video, notification channels, more specific app permissions, improved battery life, and more.

Most importantly, this doesn't appear to be a simple visual upgrade, like the Fire OS 6 update for the company's 2017 tablets was. Amazon didn't respond to our request for information on the updates, but we've installed the update on a Fire HD 8, and it is definitely based on Android 9 Pie.

Device Info HW on Fire HD 8 8th Gen

It's not clear if Amazon has started the software rollout, but installing the update manually is incredibly easy. Go to the source link below, click the 'Download software update' link for your model, and copy the downloaded 'bin' file to the root directory of your tablet's internal storage (the same location where the Alarms, Books, and DCIM folders are). After that, just open the System Updates section in the Settings app and confirm the installation.

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