The onset of COVID-19 caused a rapid growth in demand for video conferencing apps, as school classes and office meetings everywhere went virtual. Google Meet and Google Duo added support for group video calls on smart displays earlier this summer, but now another popular contender is poised to join the club: Zoom will be available on smart displays from Google, Facebook, and Amazon later this year.

Today Zoom announced support for many of the most popular smart displays, including the Amazon Echo Show, Portal from Facebook, and Google Nest Hub Max. Google confirmed the news with a post of its own, verifying that Zoom will be coming to "Assistant-enabled Smart Displays" in general.

Upcoming Zoom meetings will start showing up as cards on Nest smart displays in late fall.

As for a timeline, it looks like Facebook is first up. Zoom on Portal will be available to the public in September through a new Zoom app that will be added to the smart display. Support for Amazon and Google hardware will follow later this year in the form of voice assistant and calendar integration that allows the devices to show upcoming meetings and support voice commands to join them.