Microsoft announced the Surface Duo last week (after teasing it extensively in 2019), but there are always new things to learn about the unique device. If you haven't already, you can check out the 35-minute press briefing Microsoft uploaded to its YouTube channel, but if you're yearning for a look beneath the ... surface, CNET has you covered. The publication got to view a see-through model from the company.

While the closed outside of the special unit could be a regular Surface Duo, that changes once you open it. Instead of the screens, you're greeted by two glass panels that reveal the technology that's normally covered by the displays. The left portion of the device mainly houses the bigger one of the two batteries in the Duo, while the much smaller one can be seen on the right. Microsoft says that both will charge and drain together, despite the different sizes. Below the smaller battery on the right, we can see the Snapdragon 855 and multiple custom co-processors that help with things like the Microsoft Pen and the adventurous battery setup.

To enable the dual-screen functionality, Microsoft also had to funnel loads of wires through the hinge, which you can see in the top right close-up shot above. These neatly shielded connectors transfer everything from power to video and touch signals from side to side. Microsoft told the publication that this setup would last for years or at least the lifetime of the device, though it didn't say how many bends it's rated to survive.

Check out CNET's image gallery in the source link below to get an even better look at everything that's going on inside Microsoft's dual-screen device, plus some neat side-by-side comparisons with other devices.