Every little detail counts when it comes to diving into a search engine experience and Google would die not to know it. Right now, the company appears to be testing customized header images on its search results based on queries revolving around "ideas" — but those backgrounds could conceivably spread to other searches as well.

Yvo Schaap, CEO of SEOBrowse, happened across the header images which appear behind the Google logo, search bar, and tabs, and posted a few examples on Twitter.

9to5Google was able to replicate these results and find others right on mobile Chrome, but not with the Google Search app — we were not able to, which could just be another bad draw of the A/B testing sticks. We also tried a couple of image searches for the terms Search Engine Roundtable used in its testing (see screenshots below) just to see if we could find the ones Google was using for those headers within them, but alas, we scrolled a whole bunch and turned up nothing.

We'll have to wonder what "ideas" Google has for this extra flair if it decides to take this concept further.