Google introduced activity cards in Search last year to let you quickly revisit results from your previous searches of the same keyword. The company is now expanding the scope of this tailored feed to cover three specific new areas: jobs, recipes, and online shopping — the things people are probably looking for the most while stuck at home during the pandemic.

In the case of jobs, Search will clear out any results that you’ve already seen to prioritize listings that were posted since your last visit. This has been done to cut short the time required to dig through a long list of openings to find the one that's right for you. The same goes for recipes. If you often search a particular ingredient or recipe, you’ll now start seeing a card carousel containing relevant dishes and cooking directions with an option to bookmark them for even easier access.

Left: Jobs, Center: Recipes, Right: Online shopping.

When researching for something you want to buy, Google will keep track of the products you visit, even if they’re featured within an article.  It’ll then use this information to show you a list of all the products that you’ve already seen or read about for quick reference. Clicking on More activity will expand the section to show additional details like user reviews, prices, and some related articles from your search history.

These changes are rolling out to users gradually, so you might not see the personalized result pages just yet.