Google released the second generation of its Pixel Buds earlier this year in the US. Despite being a significant step forward from the first gen, there were still numerous issues that make them hard to recommend. Now they're getting a little better thanks to new features to help find misplaced earbuds — and they aren't the only Fast Pair-enabled accessories showing up in the Find My Device app.

Pixel Buds now appear in the Find My Device app on Android and the web version, as last teased in April. Selecting the earbuds pulls up info on the approximate location, as well as what phone they were last connected to and when. The ability to see battery levels and easily unpair should be coming eventually.

It looks like Find My Device integration is coming to more audio accessories than just the new Pixel Buds. Updates to the Fast Pair standard itself are responsible for this new functionality, so Google isn't limiting it to its first-party hardware —we're also seeing the OnePlus Buds and the Jaybird Tarah in Find My Device now, and Google previously mentioned the Harman Kardon FLY gaining support as well.

Find My Device for Fast Pair may have had a delayed arrival after first being teased last summer, but at least Google has finally found the time to deliver. Make sure you never lose an earbud by downloading the Find My Device app from the Play Store or right from APK Mirror.

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Google Find My Device
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