If you hadn't heard, the Pixel 4 was officially discontinued a few days ago. At $800, this imperfect phone was always a bit of a hard sell, but it becomes more enticing when you knock $250 off the price. Right now, you can get the base model Pixel 4 for $550 or the version with 128 gigs of storage for $650, both $250 off their original prices.

The Pixel 4 received plenty of criticism at launch, primarily due to the subpar battery life. That said, I've hung onto mine for almost a year now for two main reasons: the cameras and the software. I still haven't found a smartphone camera setup I like better than the Pixel 4's, and the clean stock Android UI is still my favorite. I'm also a big fan of the design and the size, but the battery life is definitely my biggest gripe. At $550, it's worth considering over the $349 Pixel 4a — and $100 extra for more storage might be appealing to some buyers.

This isn't the cheapest we've seen the Pixel 4 before, but we haven't seen any real discounts since the $499 deal back in April. If you've been eyeing a new Pixel 4, this is probably the right time to jump on one, as we can't imagine there's much stock left. Best Buy is offering these prices on both black and white models of both storage SKUs. You can also pick up a 128-gig version from Amazon. The pertinent links are below.

This deal has been updated to reflect changes in stock from various retailers, including new availability at Amazon.