Dropbox has been available on Android for just over ten years, and in that decade, it has evolved into one of the best cloud storage options available for the platform. Now the app has passed one billion installations, reaching the same milestone that applications like Twitter and Netflix recently passed.

The Google Play Store now reports Dropbox has surpassed one billion installations worldwide. Many of those are regular downloads from the Play Store, but at least some of them come from deals with manufacturers to pre-install Dropbox on select devices. Dropbox had a close relationship with Samsung many years ago, which led to Dropbox shipping with phones like the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3.

Even though the desktop Dropbox clients are suffering from feature creep, the Android application has largely stayed true to its goal of showing your remote files on your phone or tablet. It's still regularly receiving updates, such as dark mode support and right-click detection on Chromebooks.