ASUS has been improving on its ZenFones with every generation, which means we have high hopes for the ZenFone 7 line. A YouTube live stream event for the ZenFone 7 launch has just been listed for August 26th, less than two weeks away.

The use of the word "series" indicates there will be more than one ZenFone this time around. Not much is known about any ZenFone 7 variant, though Qualcomm has confirmed that at least one model will have either a Snapdragon 865 or 865+. The ZenFone 6 was a bargain at $499, bundling high-end specs with a clean build of Android. We're hoping the ZenFone 7 series will bring more of the same.

The event is set for August 26th at 2:00 pm Taipei Standard Time, which translates to 2am Eastern Time on 8/26 and 11pm Pacific Time on 8/25. If you're curious about what ASUS has to show off, be sure to tune in.