When MIUI 12 debuted around three months ago, we published a post about a few of its "super" wallpapers being ported to other Android devices. The developer who ported the others, "linuxct" on XDA Forums, has now ported another MIUI 12 wallpaper. This one's called Faraway Rings, and as you might be able to guess, it depicts Saturn's rings.

Like the other already-ported MIUI 12 wallpapers, Faraway Rings features a very fast unlock animation, one that's almost motion sickness-inducing. It comes in vertical and horizontal versions; the GIF below is of the horizontal one.

Bear in mind that these will only work on devices running Android 8.0 and up. Also, it's worth mentioning that these APKs weigh in at a hefty ~50MB apiece. You can find both APK Mirror download links for both versions below. Also linked is a still image if you like the design, but not the animation.