Even though the COVID-19 quarantine has sent most office employees home for the foreseeable future, daily operations haven't slowed down for many professional industries. With so many office workers now conquering tasks remotely, video and conference calls have become a normal part of daily life. To help you engage with your colleagues' calls in pristine clarity, TikTech is giving away seven eMeet Luna conference speakerphones to our readers.

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Our winners are… 

Meet the eMeet Luna conference speakerphone

The eMeet Luna is a sleek conference speakerphone that features three microphones capable of picking up a 360º radius of sound, paired to a speaker that can achieve 89dB of maximum volume, making it versatile for a number of office styles and layouts. If one eMeet Luna isn't enough to adequately cover your space, up to 12 speakerphones can be daisy-chained together for larger office rooms and improved social distancing efforts. To ensure your calls are always crisp and clean, the eMeet Luna is powered by AI noise reduction algorithms that reduce background disturbances — like air conditioning units, keyboard clicks, or office chatter — and isolates speakers' voices.

The eMeet Luna works with a variety of connection standards, including Bluetooth, USB, auxiliary cables, and a computer-connected dongle. It also supports today's most popular video and audio conferencing platforms, like Zoom, Skype, Webbex, Goto Meeting, and more. Finally, weighing in at only 10.2 ounces, the eMeet Luna is easy to pick up and place practically anywhere within your office or home, ensuring you always have clean audio when fielding important conference calls.

Buy an eMeet Luna today and save 22% on your order

Although TikTech has been kind enough to give away seven eMeet Luna conference speakerphones, the majority of our readers will walk away from this contest empty-handed. To make the eMeet Luna more accessible, TikTech is offering a 22% discount to those who purchase an eMeet Luna through Amazon and use the code eMeetLuna10 at checkout, bringing the price down to $70.99. This special offer is valid until the end of August 31, 2020, so you only have a couple weeks to place your order before it returns to the full price of $89.99.

Enter to win an eMeet Luna conference speakerphone

The contest will run from August 11, 2020 until 11:59PM Pacific Time on August 16 2020. Seven winners will be selected to receive an eMeet Luna conference speakerphone. This contest is open to participants in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Good luck!

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