YouTube has a few different methods of notifying you about new videos from specific channels, including push notifications on the mobile apps, alerts on the desktop site, and email. However, the last option is going away, as Google alleges email alerts aren't used very often.

"If you’re opted in to get emails about new uploads, live streams, and premieres from channels you’re subscribed to, these emails are going away on August 13th, 2020," a YouTube employee wrote in a support article. "You’ll still get notified on mobile via the YouTube app, or on desktop via your Chrome browser if you’ve turned these notifications on. If you haven’t turned these on yet, you can do so in notification Settings."

Google says that email notifications are being discontinued because "less than 0.1%" of messages are actually opened. That being said, YouTube's push and desktop notifications are never fully reliable, so email was still a great option to have.

Email notifications are gone

Right on schedule, YouTube has discontinued support for email notifications. If you're annoyed at the removal, you can try jerry-rigging something together using YouTube's still-functional support for channel RSS feeds. For example, you could use IFTTT to send you email alerts for new uploads for a given channel using the RSS trigger, though that becomes messy if you have more than a handful of channels you'd like to stay updated on.