Google currently has two video chat services, Duo and Meet. Duo is specifically a calling application, originally intended to be used alongside the now-defunct Allo messaging service, and Meet is a video conferencing utility. However, the two services have started to become more alike over the past few months, and a new report says the services may eventually merge.

9to5Google, citing sources familiar with the matter, is reporting that Google Duo will eventually be replaced by Google Meet. The ongoing rise in popularity of videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Meet is supposedly the driving force behind the move. The change would also eliminate the confusion over the intended markets for both products — even though Duo is targeted at consumers, Google just added a large obnoxious button for Meet in Gmail.

Duo has slowly become more like Meet (and Zoom) over the past few months, adding credibility to the idea that the two services could merge. Google has gradually increased the maximum number of participants from 8 to 32 people, and also added support for joining calls with a link (just like Meet and Zoom).

It's not clear how soon the transition could start, but the report says several key Duo features need to be ported to Meet before Duo could be shut down. The wishlist allegedly includes end-to-end encryption, phone number integration, and 3D effects.