The Lenovo Smart Display 7 was released last year as a follow-up to Lenovo's original Google Assistant-powered smart screens. It's a decent alternative to the Google Nest Hub, with larger speakers and a front-facing camera, and now you can get it for $74.99 from Best Buy.

The model on sale has a 7-inch IPS touchscreen, dual 1.5" 5W speakers, and a 2MP wide-angle camera for video calls. Just like the Nest Hub, it can respond to Google Assistant commands, and the screen can display images from Google Photos (or Facebook, or Flickr) when idle. The Smart Display 7 also doubles as a Chromecast target, though select apps like Netflix refuse to work with it.

We reviewed the Smart Display 7 when it came out last year, and while it is ahead of the Nest Hub in a few areas, the speaker isn't quite as loud and bass-filled as it might appear. Check out our full review for all the details.