Most small businesses are no doubt taking a hit with everyone stuck at home, but Facebook's new feature might be able to ease the pain a bit. Zuckerberg and co have added a paid element to Facebook Events, offering an additional revenue stream for businesses and creators. Plus, it won't charge any fees for "at least the next year."

While testing the feature, Facebook says that businesses used paid events to host everything from expert talks and podcast recordings to trivia events and boxing matches. Facebook is also experimenting with paid events with Messenger Rooms if a more intimate crowd is desired.

Paid events are available now for pages in 20 countries (the list can be found here). The page must also be eligible for monetization. Facebook is waiving all of its fees from these paid events for "at least the next year," which we're assuming means until August 2021. It also asked Apple to reduce the 30% App Store tax or for the ability to use Facebook Pay, but the request was (unsurprisingly) declined.

The feature should be available now, so if you have a business and think it might be of some use to you, you may want to check it out.