Samsung's Note line is renowned for its large displays, powerful specs, and built-in S Pen stylus. It's also known for being particularly pricey; the new Note20 line starts at $1,000. If the most appealing parts of the Note experience to you are the size and the stylus, good news! You can pick up a Note10 Lite on eBay for $375 right now.

The Lite is, as you might guess, a less powerful Note than we're used to seeing. It's powered by an Exynos 9810 rather than a top-shelf Snapdragon, but this particular model still has a very respectable eight gigs of RAM and 128 of storage (expandable by MicroSD, to boot). At $375, you're saving about $75 versus picking it up somewhere like B&H or Amazon.

If the Exynos chipset wasn't a giveaway, this is an international device, which means it doesn't support all the wireless bands we use stateside. Still, it should work just fine on T-Mobile or AT&T (or other GSM networks). If you do run into any problems, seller Sobeonline1 has free returns for 30 days. Hit the link below to check it out.