OnePlus just published a teaser video to its YouTube account for an upcoming documentary regarding the OnePlus Nord. You might have thought the four-part New Beginnings series already published to YouTube was enough, but apparently, the company has a "feature film" version of the documentary planned, too. It premieres August 18th on Amazon Prime Video, but you can catch a glimpse at what to expect in the 40-second trailer here.

We're not quite sure how the film will vary from the four episodes of New Beginnings that have already been serialized. (Frankly, I wouldn't put it past OnePlus to just string the whole thing together and act like it's something new.) But we have to assume that there will be more to the version on Amazon Prime, as the previous episodes total less than 40 minutes — hardly a "feature film."

We don't have long to wait, as the film version of New Beginning sis set to premiere on August 18th on Amazon Prime Video. We'll know more come next Tuesday when it lands.