After quite a wait, Nest Protect smart smoke and CO alarms are finally starting to appear for folks in Google's Home app. Though the prerequisites were laid out for it all the way back in March, it's only just now showing up as a device in the app for some folks. However, this rollout may have happened a bit early, as Google notes some issues ahead of a formal announcement.

Reports for the change started three days ago on the r/googlehome subreddit, possibly tied to the rollout of version 2.26 of the Google Home app, though at least one person is on the older v2.25 — as with many of Google's software changes, this could be a server-side rollout. Still, you can try your hand at APK Mirror, but be careful.

Nest Protects appearing in the Home app, but without names or room assignments. Image via u/mpete902.

Unfortunately, Nest Protects appear in the app sans room details or names, so it can be difficult to tell them apart. Worse, you may not want to move them between rooms, as a Googler took the time to respond to related threads with an explicit (if non-specific) warning:

When asked regarding both the "new app features" mentioned as well as what sort of repercussions folks that accidentally rename Protect-included rooms might face, a spokesperson from Google reiterated the statement on Reddit above. It isn't clear whether these devices themselves can be moved between rooms without having to worry — not that you can tell them apart in the list to do that, should you own more than one.

In the meantime, if you see your Nest Protects appear in the Home app, you might want to just leave them be for now until Google's guidance changes.