Google has been offering free perks to Chromebook owners for a while now. These perks have ranged from access to free games to access to streaming services like Disney+ or even Stadia. The latest perk added to the growing list is a free copy of Dead Cells, a fantastic indie metroidvania game that would usually run everyone $8.99 on the Play Store. This perk will be available until August 7th, 2021, providing everyone ample opportunity to grab one of the best platformers available on Chrome OS and Android.

For those who would like to claim Dead Cells, you'll have a year to snag your copy from the Chromebook Perks web page. Specifically, to claim the title, you'll have to navigate to the above page while browsing on your Chromebook. This perk is only valid in the US, and it's limited to one per user.

For one reason or another, Chromebook Perks can often be hit or miss as they roll out, and so a few people have had issues claiming this perk, so your mileage may vary. At the very least, I can confirm than many members on the AP team have had no problems picking up their free copy of Dead Cells, so it would seem Google has ironed out the majority of issues over the last few hours.

Luckily, there's also a workaround for anyone who is still having problems with the Chromebook Perks web page not loading correctly. So if you can't claim the Dead Cells perk through the regular website, as long as your Chromebook is up to date, you should see a new app called Explore (the rocket ship icon), and it is through this app that you can gain access to Chromebook Perks, which has worked well for people who couldn't claim the perk through the website.

So if you'd like to redeem the lasted Chromebook Perk to claim your free copy of Dead Cells, or check out the rest of the perks on offer, simply cruise on over to the official Chromebook Perks page.