Mobvoi just launched its budget Bluetooth buds with ANC a few months ago, but the company is already back with another pair of wireless earbuds. The Earbuds Gesture come with TicMotion capabilities that allow answering or rejecting phone calls with a shake of the head — and they're live on Indiegogo for a special early backer price of $65.

The headlining feature of the Earbuds Gesture may be the head-gesture controls, but they've your standard assortment of earbud functionality: Multi-touch tap controls are here, as well as an IPX5 rating that should make these good for sweaty workouts. These buds offer an independent connection, which means you can stick either one in your ear while the other charges. They should last for about 10 hours on a single charge, with the battery case providing up to 50 more hours of playback.

Mobvoi says the head gestures are controlled by a six-axis motion sensor, but I can't help but think it's a little gimmicky. The TicPods 2 Pro featured the same controls, and we called them "too silly to use in public." At least the controls of these gestures should be compatible with the Mobvoi app — although the app is extremely buggy and hard to use in my experience. While the Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture might be a hard sell at their full price of $130, getting them for 50% off on Indiegogo seems like a much better deal.