Hold on to your seats, as this story is about to blow up your mind — and possibly the seat too. Motorola, yes the same Motorola we know, the one who was bought by Lenovo and gets mentioned here because of its phones, is getting pumped up because of its latest announcement: an inflatable chair with a name that rolls off the tongue, the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR).

We wish we were making this up, but it's real. Minnidip, which is apparently a "luxury inflatable designer" (I know one other thing that's inflated in that company's description), has collaborated with Motorola to bring this classic and nostalgic furniture piece from the early '00s to our modern era.

The company waxes poetic about design and style and inspiration in its announcement piece, but you can skip over all of that. What matters is that the CH(AIR) is full of FL(AIR), comes in the same Blush Gold color as the Moto Razr, and has a small phone recliner, perfect for holding your device as you relax. It's the biggest accessory you can buy for your phone, and better yet, the chair's biggest nemesis, when you think about it, is a razor. Full circle, you guys, full circle.

The CH(AIR) will be available for purchase for $70 on minnidip.com starting today at 10am PST, 12pm CST, or 1pm EST in the US. If you're interested, don't sit on it for too long, because early buyers will get a $200 discount code towards a Razr, which is redeemable on Moto's site.

Alternate title: Motorola's latest product is full of bloat and has never leaked before