Even though cable cutting is a real thing these days, live TV is still pretty popular, especially when it comes to sporting events. Though the fans in the stands may look differently due to COVID-19, at-home viewing hasn't changed much. Now Google is trying to make it a little easier by quickly showing live TV options for games, leagues, teams, and even normal TV channels.

When it's time for the big game, simply pull out your phone and perform a Google search to see live scores, top stories, and standings like usual. But now those will be joined by a new section showing off options for watching on live TV in your area, as well as any streaming platforms that might offer access to the game. Right now, this is only working for MLB and NBA match-ups, but Google plans to integrate more leagues eventually.

Along with ways to watch live sporting events, Google is also rolling out a new carousel of content that highlights TV programs currently playing on cable and broadcast providers. Searching queries like "good shows to watch" will bring up listings for what's on TV right now, as well as shows due to air later in the day.

Google is the portal into a lot of things online, including entertainment, and these additions will probably be pretty helpful for consumers. I can't help but think Google's interest in promoting YouTube TV factors into it as well. Cable subscriptions may be out, but streaming live TV is in and competition is fierce — Sling TV recently announced a one-year price guarantee in the aftermath of YouTube TV's latest price hike.