Mozilla has been around for over 20 years, but the current economic conditions in the US are affecting everyone in new ways. In a blog post, CEO Mitchell Baker has outlined some consequences of the pandemic, including a major loss of revenue that has lead to restructuring that will see the company become smaller and more focused on keeping itself out of the foxhole.

Mozilla has always been an interesting anomaly: a web-focused organization that's known more for meeting user needs than for shrewd business practices. While there are pros and cons to this approach, one of the inescapable consequences of this is that major money troubles must bring big changes. The restructuring of the Mozilla Corporation will see around 250 employees laid off, including significant cuts to the Firefox team. It's questionable if Firefox will survive the cuts, and if so, what its survival will look like.

The company also announced a new focus on economics, acknowledging that its previous business model was difficult to sustain. Baker says the new goal will be balancing the public benefit alongside private profits to ensure Mozilla sticks around in the current climate. It's a shame to see this happening. Mozilla has been a fixture in the fight for a more open Internet for years. It just launched the next-gen version of its Android browser earlier this summer. In the future, the company is likely to home in on its paid products like Firefox VPN and Pocket.