Google has always been interested in making Assistant more than just a task-completing robot, even recruiting writers from companies like Pixar and the Onion to work on it. Earlier this year, the Assistant learned a new song to help people wash their hands for the recommended 40 seconds. It looks like somebody's been at it again, because you can now listen to your digital Assistant sing about the benefits of wearing a mask.

Ask the Assistant to sing a song and chances are you may hear the new diddy, which is sung vaguely to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. The lyrics emphasize that in order to be effective, masks must cover the mouth and nose, which I appreciate. At the end, Assistant invites you to hear the song again by asking if it wears a mask, but that command just pulls up a search right now for me.

The full lyrics are reproduced below, so you can learn the words yourself and sing along while blasting the tune at your favorite anti-masker.

When in public, wear a mask

Just a teeny, weeny task

It helps keep us safe and sound

Health and care, all around

On your mouth and on your nose

Good to cover both of those

While I'm sure we can all agree that Google has plenty of other improvements to the Assistant we'd prefer to see launch than another song, it has been working on adding additional features lately. This is merely a cute way to make the Assistant act more personable, like an entity that's aware we're all trying to survive a global pandemic. I'm not sure I'd qualify the new song as a bop, but at least it doesn't drag on for a full 40 seconds.

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