Last year during Google I/O (it feels so long ago), Google introduced AR animal models you can put into your home, available right through Google Search without requiring extra software. Over the following year, the company has added many more 3D models to its library, including skeletons, planets and other celestial bodies, NASA equipment, anatomic models, cell structures, and many more. Now Google has expanded the list of supported 3D models with chemistry terms.

To view the new chemistry models, make sure your phone is on the list of supported models and search the Google app or Chrome for the terms you want to see. To make it easier for you, we've linked the respective Google Search terms in the list below, so you just have to tap the links on your Android device to jump into the action:

If you're not currently studying for a chemistry class or degree, you might be more interested in other, funner AR experiences. Check out our roundups of all the animal models in Google Search and all the other objects you can find.