Even with memory cards and USB drives, there comes a time when you run out of local storage. Dropbox is one of the most popular ways to keep stuff in the cloud, and today the company has released a new set of features including computer backups, a PIN-protected Vault, and a password manager.

The password manager, which we spotted in testing earlier this summer, will be available to Plus and Pro members. Much like other services that help keep track of login info securely, the service uses an app that works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It uses zero-knowledge encryption to ensure stored passwords are only accessible to users.

Sometimes people keep sensitive documents like passports and ID cards in the cloud, and Dropbox Vault is the company's solution to keeping these kinds of files safe. Files can be moved into the Vault and protected with a PIN for secure access. Trusted people can be set to have access to these files in case of an emergency, which I'm sure will be handy for certain cases. Right now, the Vault is only for Dropbox Plus users.

Finally, there's a feature rolling out for all users — even us penny-pinching free-tier folks. The new computer backup capabilities will allow folders like Desktop, Downloads, and Documents to be automatically synced between the cloud and your hard drive. Since these files will be stored in the cloud, they'll be accessible from anywhere and on any device. Backups of multiple computers are also supported.

We're expecting Dropbox to launch a new file sharing service later this year, but it's not being released in this feature drop. Password management and Vault should be available to Plus and Pro plan users now, with two new sharing and analytics features — branded sharing and traffic and insights — also coming to Pro users today. The computer backup functionality is also live for Basic/Plus/Pro users. Download the Dropbox app from the Play Store or APK Mirror to check out today's new updates for yourself.

Dropbox: Cloud Storage & Drive
Dropbox: Cloud Storage & Drive
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