Google Search is beginning to highlight YouTube Music as a streaming option when it comes to queries about songs.

It has joined other streaming services such as Deezer, Spotify, and even YouTube video as possible destinations in the Listen box.

Google searches for songs now display quick links to find the title in YouTube Music.

Song searches are the last missing link in YouTube Music's integration with Google Search. Artist and album queries had already been supported since at least May.

Searches for artists and albums have shown YouTube Music links since May.

With this latest change, Google has also finally removed all links to Play Music from music searches. Previously, the option coexisted with YouTube Music, but that's no more.

Previous Listen strips included Play Music. Not anymore.

Since Play Music is being retired starting September, Google should leave no stone unturned, no matter how small, to make sure YouTube Music supplants it in every integration and interface. While we're still far from that, changes like this show that the team is still hard at work getting things in order.

Song searches

The article has been updated with the news that music tracks are also supported now.

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