When Google introduced its new Nest Wifi routers, it promised to bring over all the settings from the dedicated Wifi app to the regular old Home app. It looks like the company is working on making good on that word, as the latest Google Home app (v2.26) has added a slew of advanced Wifi controls that were previously reserved to the standalone Wifi app, including things like DNS, WAN, LAN, and DHCP configurations.

When you head your Google Home settings, you'll notice that the Advanced networking section is no longer a deep-link to the Google Wifi app but a regular menu entry. When you tap it, you'll get access to settings like DNS, WAN, LAN, UPnP, IPV6 preferences, DHCP IP reservations, port management, and network mode.

When you look up the details of a connected device under your Home's Wifi section, you'll now additionally see to which access point it's connected and which technology it's using (wired, wireless 5GHz/2.4GHz). It's also possible to pause network access for individual devices.

You can download Google Home version 2.26 from the Play Store, but if it isn't available to you yet, we've also got it over on APK Mirror. It's probably just a question of time until the Google Wifi app is fully deprecated, as most of its functionality now lives inside Google Home, though the former application is still needed for OnHub, Google's first router.

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