Looking sharp for your next video call just got a whole new meaning with Google Duo's latest addition. To celebrate the dry summer, the app is rolling out a fun new AR effect that lets you transform yourself into a cactus.

Unlike other effects where your face and surroundings remain visible, this one completely replaces everything, transplanting you into an arid desert and transforming your face into a green cactus. As you talk and interact, your on-screen likeness will move its eyes, mouth, and eyebrows to mirror you.

A rebellious mini branch coming out of the main cactus does just the opposite. If you're smiling, it looks sad; if you wink one eye, it winks the other.

The AR effect is available both during live video calls and when recording video messages. It may not show up on all devices, though, since it requires some processing to get all the expressions right.

Whether you'd like to look, uhm, succulent for your next video call with your partner, or you just want to make your family laugh, you can look for the cactus effect in Duo v94 and above. It's rolling out server side, but you can raise your changes of getting it by installing the latest release from APK Mirror.

  • Thanks:
  • Nick Cipriani