Even though people aren't driving as much these days, Google isn't tapping the brakes on the further development of Android Auto. The in-car interface got a new landscape map layout earlier this summer, and access to calendar appointments should be returning before too long. Now Google is announcing that new apps are coming to the platform in categories such as navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging.

The new additions include apps from ChargePoint, SpotHero, and Sygic. Google says the company has started a new Android for Cars App Library to ensure that all tasks within an app can be completed with minimal glances or taps. While the upcoming apps won't be available for beta testers until later this year, Google plans to make the new APIs the apps rely on public if testing goes well.

New apps will be available for beta testers by the end of 2020.

There are now over 3,000 auto-optimized apps in the Play Store according to Google, and these new additions should help fill the needs of more users. Android Auto itself keeps expanding to new users, too. But there's still plenty to keep improving upon — Apple is adding support for new app categories in Carplay with iOS 14, including quick food-ordering apps. I don't want to miss out on my friend's take-out burrito party just because my car doesn't run the right OS.