Android Police maintains a giant list of apps that are participating or have participated in Google's Play Pass program — where users pay a low subscription fee to remove ads and access premium features from said apps. But it's a finicky list to maintain because every addition is manual and it's extremely difficult to track any subtractions without a public database. Well, we can report on at least one departure that will take effect soon: AccuWeather is leaving Play Pass on September 20. If you use the weather app, you might not like the reason why.

Cam Summerson of Review Geek (and friend of Android Police) posted to Twitter an email notification from the Play Store that the AccuWeather app's ad-free experience for Play Pass users will end on September 20.

AccuWeather is currently listed on the Play Store without the Play Pass logo,  but we downloaded the app and still received the upgraded experience — ad-free browsing which would otherwise cost $9 a year to maintain. Presumably, Play Pass subscribers will be able to take advantage until September 20.

The move comes off rather conspicuously as Apple-acquired competitor Dark Sky left the Android ecosystem this month. AccuWeather recently rolled out a new UI with minute-by-minute forecasts that were a highlight of Dark Sky's service.

AccuWeather told us that it was complying with Google's policy, removing its app from Play Pass because it had an in-app subscription revenue model. However, Google noted via a spokesperson that Play Pass began admitting apps with subscriptions last week. When asked whether it would re-submit its app to the program, AccuWeather then gave us a fairly boilerplate statement saying that it is working with Google to provide users the best experience on Android.