In another "I can't believe it couldn't already do that" feature addition, YouTube Music is now testing the ability to pick and play your personal playlists from the Google Assistant. So the next time you need to fire up that "Summer 2017 workout jams" playlist, you can just ask the Assistant with your voice.

This is hot on the heels of last week's YouTube Music Assistant integrations, which rolled out support for machine-generated recommended mixes. At the time, custom playlists didn't work — we tried.

The announcement comes courtesy of a related YouTube Music Help forum thread, where Google has announced that the change is now being tested. Currently available for all YouTube Music listeners (free and premium), it works on all Nest speakers and smart displays in the US. Other devices and markets are also planned.

We've tested the feature for ourselves, and found it's working in Germany with US English, so Google is once again confusing location and language. As with most Assistant features, changing the default language to US English should let you use the voice command regardless of your location.

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