YouTube Music is introducing two new ways to help infuse your playlists with new tracks: a collaborative toggle that was revealed to be in the works last month, and an machine learning "assistive" tool.

We got a look at the collaborative feature last month from 9to5Google. As it stands, how it was implemented then is the same as it is now: users can create a playlist, hit the pencil icon on the page to edit it, then tap on a new Collaborate button and then recruit people to help with song recommendations. Users should be able to see who added which songs to the list.

Collaborations are available on a limited basis for Android right now and will soon expand to all users as well as the iOS app soon.

YTM streamers will also soon see AI-generated suggestions for songs in their playlist as well. These suggestions can be based off of its existing content or, if it's new and empty, even the title of the playlist. All Android users will see this first followed by iOS peeps.

Full rollout

YouTube has told us that collaborative playlists are rolling out globally to every user on Android and iOS.

Press Release

Through our vast catalog of content, we have thousands of programmed playlists to match different genres, moods and moments. But, we think that creating and sharing a playlist can be just as fun as listening to one – which is why we’re introducing playlist collaboration and assistive playlist features.

We’ve started rolling out the collaborative playlist feature to some of our global YouTube Music users on Android mobile devices, with future plans to expand roll-out to all Android and iOS users. Collaborating on YouTube Music is simple!

  • After creating a playlist, simply navigate to the Edit page where you’ll see the new Collaborate button.
  • Once activated, you can share the playlist with any other YouTube Music user, allowing them to add content as well.

Collaborate on playlists for relaxing, working, or whatever else you need to get you through the day, as long as you're doing it with others.

We also know that sometimes you need a little inspiration when making a playlist. Starting today, we’re rolling out an assistive playlist feature for all global YouTube Music users on Android mobile devices, with future plans to expand to all users’ iOS devices.

  • The new assistive playlist feature uses machine learning to provide users and their collaborators relevant song recommendations for their playlists.
  • Recommendations are based on the existing songs in the playlist as well as personalized signals such as watch history and likes. Even if the playlist is empty, this feature can provide song recommendations simply based on the playlist name!

If you don’t already have YouTube Music, download the YouTube Music app in the Play Store or App Store.
Happy listening, playlist creating and sharing!