The Galaxy Note20 series are some of Samsung's boldest phones to date, with large screens, powerful cameras, and a fresh bronze finish. To ensure your new Note20 stays clean and pristine for years to come, Spigen has you covered with a premium lineup of case offerings in the styles you love. Check it out!

Just as smartphones have evolved to offer better features and faster performance over time, phone case technology has also grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. This year marks the first time Spigen has launched a lineup that’s not only 100% slim and protective, but that's designed to cover the entire Galaxy family, including the new Note20 and Note20 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Live, and the Galaxy Tab. But before we dive into those other devices, let's talk about the reason you're all here: Spigen cases for the new Note20 series.

Meet the Spigen case collection for Note20 and Note20 Ultra

Samsung's sleek designs deserve to be enwrapped in only the best unbridled protection. Each case in Spigen's Note20 series lineup are slim and grip-friendly without compromising on the Note’s fast wireless charging features. Let's take a closer look:

Spigen Tough Armor for Note20 and Note20 Ultra

The tried and true champion of extreme protection minus the bulk, Spigen's Tough Armor series uses a sleek dual layer design to withstand falls and drops without harming the device inside. Reinforced with Spigen's Air Cushion Technology, Tough Armor offers military-grade certified protection that pairs nicely with active lifestyles. To make the most of your Note20's big, beautiful screen, Tough Armor includes a built-in kickstand that will let you prop your device up and binge your favorite content from virtually anywhere.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Note20 and Note20 Ultra

If you're in the camp that thinks the new Note20 series is too gorgeous to cover in a case, Spigen has the perfect solution for you. The Ultra Hybrid series is the ideal option for showcasing the Note20's beautiful bronze body without missing out on crucial grip and drop defense. Despite its unassuming appearance, the Ultra Hybrid series features military-grade certified drop protection enabled by Spigen's Air Cushion Technology. Unlike some other clear phone cases, the backplate on the Ultra Hybrid series will never appear yellowed or foggy over time.

Spigen Liquid Air for Note20 and Note20 Ultra

For those that want premium protection but prefer the weight and feel of a caseless phone, Spigen's Liquid Air series was created just for you. This minimal case option features military-grade certified drop protection powered by Air Cushion Technology, meticulous detailing for added grip, and it comes in a simple yet timeless classic matte black finish that looks exceptionally sharp on the new Note20 series.

Spigen Thin Fit, newly upgraded for Note20 and Note20 Ultra

What's thinner than Liquid Air? Meet the newly upgraded Thin Fit for Note20 and Note20 Ultra, the slimmest case option in the Spigen lineup. The Thin Fit was originally designed 10 years ago with the simple goal to offer non-case fans a way to keep their favorite devices free of scratches and scuffs. However, with drops still a real concern for smartphone users, Spigen knew that simple scratch resistance wasn't going to cut it — they needed a way to include sizable drop protection without sacrificing on the case's slim design.

The solution was to embed a remarkably thin shock-absorbing lining directly into the body of the Thin Fit case. Even better, Spigen managed to do so while maintaining the beloved space for magnetic car mount lovers to insert a metal plate, including the Spigen Kuel series, allowing users to have a slim new case without sacrificing any of their accessories.

Check out the full Spigen lineup for Samsung products and accessories

This year, Spigen’s been working hard to extend its slim protection to all devices in Samsung's ecosystem, specifically their wireless earbuds and tablets. Owners of the new Galaxy Buds Live — affectionately referred to as Beans — can choose from three different Spigen case variants: Rugged Armor is the go-to option for users that want a clean, matte black case. Classic Fit doesn't just offer your buds a fresh new look, but the case's soft matte finish with a premium knit will give it a distinct in-hand feel. Finally, the Silicone Fit are free from any extravagant embellishments — they just offer protection with a clean, minimal aesthetic.

Galaxy Tab owners can also take advantage of Spigen's new case lineup for Samsung's beloved tablet. Just like the best-selling original, Tough Armor Pro for Galaxy Tab offers the same beloved features users have come to expect, including a kickstand, shock-absorbing Air Cushion Technology on all four corners, and of course, support for the S Pen.


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