India recently banned a slew of Chinese apps, most notably TikTok and WeChat, but also the Mi Browser Pro. That has implications for Xiaomi and its MIUI Android skin, as the company naturally pre-installs its own banned browser on its ROM. The manufacturer has now issued a statement, telling its customers that none of the blocked apps are functional on its phones anymore and a new version of MIUI is in the works that gets rid of them completely. The company has also reaffirmed that 100% of Indian user data stays on local servers.

As a Chinese business itself, Xiaomi has to work hard to earn the trust of its customers and the government. That's why the manufacturer has shifted its assembly lines and parts of its supply chain to India, where 99% of the phones it sells in the country are produced these days. Additionally, Xiaomi has been storing Indians' data on local servers only since 2018, and the company reaffirms that "none of this data is shared with anyone outside of India."

Xiaomi promises that going forward, all of the phones it sells in the country will receive the updated version of MIUI that gets rid of the pre-installed banned apps. To survive in the Indian market, the company has to distance itself from its country of origin, so it goes as far as threatening legal actions against "untrue accusations of its non-compliance with Government orders."

Since the company produces most of its smartphones for the Indian markets in the country itself, it should be exempt from further retaliation. But then again, you never know how tensions between India and China will develop, so Xiaomi might find itself fully caught in the midst of this international conflict in the end.