Samsung just released a heap of new devices, including the latest Note20 smartphone, a refreshed smartwatch, and new wireless earbuds. They're some of Samsung's most expensive products to date, but if you're a student or teacher, you can save at least 8% on any Samsung product with the company's education program.

Samsung launched its 'Student & Educator Discount Program' last year, which requires you to sign up with a valid .edu email address. The process is fairly quick — I was able to complete it in only a few minutes. Once you're logged into your education account, the discounts should automatically appear on Samsung's online store.

Galaxy Note20 128GB with educational discount

With the discount applied, the base model Galaxy Note20 drops from $999.99 to $924.99, and the Note20 Ultra falls from $1,299.99 to $1,202.49. That's admittedly not a significant savings on its own (around 8% off), but the educational code doesn't cancel out any other promotions. As of the time of writing, Samsung is including $100 of store credit when you buy a Note20. You can also trade in an old device to potentially save hundreds of dollars, depending on what you're trading in, and the device's condition. For example, Samsung is currently offering $550 for a Galaxy S10 in working order.

The Galaxy Watch3 has a similar 8% discount. The smallest 41mm WiFi/Bluetooth model comes out to be $369.99 instead of $399.99, and the 45mm model is $397.74 instead of $429.99. If you want LTE, Samsung is asking $416.24 for the 41mm and $443.99 for the 45mm. However, there's also a trade-in option if you have some old phones, tablets, or watches lying around.

Finally, the Buds Live are available for $152.99 with the student discount, $17 less than the usual retail price. By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings.

Theoretically, you're supposed to be able to save an additional 5% on all orders by using an affiliate code, but I received an error every time I tried to add one at checkout. If you want to try anyway, you can find some referral codes on Twitter, or by searching the web for "samsung referral code."