Now that Google has officially announced the date of Google Play Music's funeral, the pressure is on to get YouTube Music as close to feature parity as possible. The streaming service added a Recent Activity section and a very limited Android TV experience earlier this week. Now another oft-requested feature is showing up: the ability to navigate to an artist and see only the songs of theirs you've added to your personal library.

When you visit your Library and select an artist, only the songs you've personally added will be shown, along with a button at the bottom inviting you to "See All By Artist." Hitting that takes you to the full artist profile page, which displays their top tracks, albums, videos, and more.

The feature is rolling out on the web and Android versions at the same time, which is nice.

Before this, tapping on an artist from the Library section would display every track they'd ever recorded  — not just the good ones you took the time to add to your personal collection. This change brings YouTube Music more in line with how Google Play Music shows songs you've added, although directly visiting an artist's profile on YTM still has all their songs. This minor upgrade is rolling out now. I'm already seeing the change on the Android app and the web version. YouTube Music is available on Google Play, or you can download the latest version straight from APK Mirror.

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